Orange and Gemalto team up to propose NFC support in France

If there were some NFC-supporting mobile device in France, it does not seem like the correct infrastructure and services were yet available. Orange, with the help of Gemalto are working to tackle this problem. The mobile network operator will make services accessible to its customers so that they can get the best out of the NFC technology. Concerning payments, ticketing, transportation and other loyalty programs, the work should be done from the service provider’s side.


You can read the full press release on Gemalto’s website by following this link:


What is available with the Premium solution of Virgopass?

About Virgopass, we last saw some of the characteristics of its Self Service Solution. Let’s see what is present in the Premium one.

The Premium service, just like the Self-Service one of course still presents the mobile payment, Call, SMS and web payment systems. The added value however comes from the fact that the Premium Users get access to:


Subscription platform support: Virgopass can make its Premium members benefit from its experience with subscription platforms, for long term fidelity and monetization plans.


DNA product support: useful when working in an industry or a business that involve the need of Premium phone numbers to mask the real ones, of customers for example.

PAYVE: American Express’ digital payment service

PAYVE is American Express’ new service. Aimed at large and medium-sized companies, the service should be helpful in centralising payment operations. PAYVE should thus support different payment and billing methods likes ACH, cheques and Buyer Initiated Payments. From what could be gathered, International wire transfers are also supported by American Express’ latest service. Image

Get more info about the service on its web page:

FastPay raises 25 million dollars in funds

With the help of Capital Finance and service providers like Wells Fargo and SF Capital Group, FastPay, the cash flow “improver” has raised $ 25 million. The company has declared that it will now use these funds to further develop their main product and improve its sales and marketing processes. The company might propose new online payment solutions in the future thanks to its new funds.


You can learn more about FastPay on its website:

A payment terms update for Facebook’s users and developers

It was announced, and it is now confirmed: Facebook is changing its payment systems. After the mobile billing process which was revamped, the social network has nos updated its payment terms for both users and developers. The updated terms should be clearer and easier to understand. They also include terms like Mobile billing for example.


The new terms are available on the following link:

Virgopass’ Self Service solution

Virgopass proposes two online and mobile payment solutions for monetizing websites and applications; they are Premium and Self Service.  What is the Self Service about? It is a free to subscribe service giving the opportunity to use a no-fee payment system. The client gets access to an API that can be added to websites and applications. The online payment system works with internet or mobile billing systems or through systems like Premium SMS or Calls.


ProfitStars for Volly’s online payments

ProfitStars has been chosen by Pitney Bowes as the online payment solution for its Volly service. Pitney Bowe’s Volly is a secure digital delivery service. It should now be able to treat and manage bills thanks to the new partnership with ProfitStars. There will be two types of payment supported: credit card, when the biller accepts them, and ACH, Automated Clearing House, directly from the bank account. Image

Find more about Pitney Bowes’ activities on its website: