MercuryLoyalty an easy and interesting solution for Small to Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) have a disadvantage (among others) to the bigger ones when it comes to methods of collecting data and analysing it. Mercury is therefore proposing a solution that integrates itself with a POS device. Moreover, the system does not use cards like most loyalty systems.

How does it work? Simply put, it works with the client’s mobile phone. The customer just logs in with his Phone at the POS, and any transactions go into his account.

MercuryLoyalty is Mercury's newest loyalty solution for small and medium businesses

The other interesting aspect is that Mercury Loyalty gives possibilities to SMBs. For example, the data obtained from these transactions allow businesses to provide more personalised and efficient loyalty rewards and a better understanding of customer behaviours, as well as a measure of Return On Investment.


18.4 % of British customers would prefer an application coming from their bank

A report done by the Auriemma Consulting Group has been published with information about the consumers in UK and their opinion when it comes to mobile wallets and their providers. It seems that 18.4 % of the United Kingdom customers would chose a mobile wallet application issued by their bank.


From what can be gathered, 11.6 % of those questioned would take a mobile wallet from a payment service provider, while 9.5 and 5.1 % would acquire a solution from a mobile provider and an external provider respectively.


If the mobile wallet providers were to be ranked, it was found that the British customers would first take a solution coming from their bank that accepts only its own cards to be linked. Second would be a solution that allows to link cards from other banks as well. Thirdly, the consumers would chose a mobile wallet that does not come from a bank, but still allows to link a card from one bank only. The fourth place of this ranking goes to a non-bank with the possibility of adding cards from multiple banks.

This data obtained by the Auriemma Consulting Group is interesting and shows the really important trust issue about privacy and finance.

Dutch Gemalto and Austrian VKB cooperate

Austrian bank VKB has started business with Gemalto for their online banking systems.  VKB-Bank will unveil the Ezio Edge Optic authentication service devised by Gemalto to open the cooperation of the two companies. The Ezio solution uses the high level of security provided by smart debit cards to authorise e-banking transactions. It is concordant with banking standards and laws in Austria.


Softpay upgraded to AssetCentral by Alphapoint

Are you a customer of AlphaPoint or Softpay? Even if you’re not, it is highly probable that you will be interested in the agencies’ latest endeavour together. The companies have merged, or rather AlphaPoint has bought out Softpay and is upgrading it and changing its name to AssetCentral. This will result in safer online payment transactions.

The services which will be provided consist of an “on-line billing system”, which will enable merchants to control their operations through a control panel and dashboard. This will give the merchants the ability to assess their daily profits and run their own transaction reports.  Management of customer databases, subscription billing, invoicing and customer notifications using various email tools are also in the scope of the provided services.

Allied Wallet is Visa Europe certified

E-commerce merchant services Allied Wallet is now an approved Visa Merchant Agent. Allied Wallet has been providing payment processing services for e-commerce ever since 2002. They also offer protection services against online payment fraud. Allied Wallet and international e-commerce services provider X-Cart have thus joined their ventures for online payments processing.

It has been ruled by Visa Europe that as from 31 December 2012 banks should only allow Visa Europe approved merchants to take part into such transactions.


MyTaxi takes over Germany!

Wirecard AG is one of the most renowned German electronic payment service providers. They have proved it time and time again and are doing it once more! The company has entered into a contract of agreement with German startup agency which provides taxi ordering applications for smartphones, Intelligent Apps. Their customers will now be able to order a taxi by downloading an app called MyTaxi and registering payment details into the app itself.

Reuters article on WireCard: adds PayPal for its mobile platform is a company that proposes the service of taking orders and placing them at the restaurants all across the United States. It operates through both a website and a mobile platform. Its story with PayPal goes back to its website since it was one of the methods of payments available.


So that the mobile process of placing orders can be more fluid and hassle-free, Eat24 has recently added PayPal to its mobile platform as well. This helps to reduce errors when entering credit card information etc. during the payment process.


If you are in the United States or plan to place orders for deliveries while you are there, check out Eat24’s website: