Visa Europe not part of iZettle’s accepted cards for payments

If the United States has Square, among others, as a mobile POS, Europe has iZettle as a notorious solution provider for businesses using Smartphone POS. However, iZettle has recently suffered a blow from Visa Europe, one of the card providers accepted with its mobile POS, and thus had to remove Visa acceptance in 3 countries; Denmark , Finland and Norway. The reason given was that iZettle does not meet Visa’s “standard acceptance device requirements”.

Visa cards not accepted anymore with iZettle in Denmark, Finland and Norway

iZettle will not be accepting Visa’s cards in Denmark, Finland and Norway

Some could say that Visa Europe’s move could be purely a commercial one. Visa Inc has invested in Square, but this investment was never done by Visa Europe. Anyway, obviously and logically, Visa branches support each other. Moreover, the fact that MasterCard has recently become an iZettle investor could have played in Visa’s decision.


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