Allied Wallet is Visa Europe certified

E-commerce merchant services Allied Wallet is now an approved Visa Merchant Agent. Allied Wallet has been providing payment processing services for e-commerce ever since 2002. They also offer protection services against online payment fraud. Allied Wallet and international e-commerce services provider X-Cart have thus joined their ventures for online payments processing.

It has been ruled by Visa Europe that as from 31 December 2012 banks should only allow Visa Europe approved merchants to take part into such transactions.



MyTaxi takes over Germany!

Wirecard AG is one of the most renowned German electronic payment service providers. They have proved it time and time again and are doing it once more! The company has entered into a contract of agreement with German startup agency which provides taxi ordering applications for smartphones, Intelligent Apps. Their customers will now be able to order a taxi by downloading an app called MyTaxi and registering payment details into the app itself.

Reuters article on WireCard: adds PayPal for its mobile platform is a company that proposes the service of taking orders and placing them at the restaurants all across the United States. It operates through both a website and a mobile platform. Its story with PayPal goes back to its website since it was one of the methods of payments available.


So that the mobile process of placing orders can be more fluid and hassle-free, Eat24 has recently added PayPal to its mobile platform as well. This helps to reduce errors when entering credit card information etc. during the payment process.


If you are in the United States or plan to place orders for deliveries while you are there, check out Eat24’s website:

Alawar Entertainment chose Virgopass for its payment solution

One of the top ten casual game distributors of Europe, Alawar entertainment, has chosen Virgopass as a payment solution for its French website. Alawar proposes casual games in free, time limited format demo versions. If the gamer wants to get complete and unlimited access, he then buys it.

Alawar Entertainment is one of the top 10 casual game distributors and publishers

Along with the “classic” payment systems, Alawar Entertainment has chosen Virgopass’ online payment system working with web and mobile billing. Aleksandr Shvedov, the head of projects at Alawar, says that “it [Virgopass], matches our online distribution strategy in France”.

LevelUp gets set-up in Colorado through Larkburger

LevelUp made the news recently, when it announced that it was dropping fees for card based transactions. Today, thanks to its availability in the State of Colorado, the company makes it back in news of the online and mobile payment world.

LevelUp can now be used in Larkburger, a “fast-casual” food chain, across the State of Colorado. Continuing its progression, the mobile payment service provider is becoming available across the United States with different business types.


Visit LevelUp’s website for more information:

Western Union adds Indian Rupees for Tuition fees

Western Union India has added the Indian currency as accepted currency for the payment of tuition fees. This change however is effective only with the participating and accepted universities across the United States and Canada.

The service is possible thanks to an agreement with India’s ICIC Bank and should provide faster cross-border funds transfer for the students.

Visit Western Union Business Solutions for more information:

Sage Pay and MoBank are partnering and will propose a mobile commerce platform

Sage Pay, a credit and debit card payment gateway system, has partnered with the MoBank Group. Together they plan to create a mobile commerce platform for e-merchants. This should remove the problems that merchants have found about mobile e-commerce: the fact that it takes time and it is costly to put in place.

Sage Pay’s customers will now benefit from the mobile distribution channel for their products.

You can learn more about MoBank on its website: